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Gorilla Glue

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Smart bud Gorilla Glue

Smart bud gorilla glue.One of the most talked and popular weeds  Gorilla Glue is different from other weeds as it has an exact amount of both ingredient Sativa and Indica. And the combination makes the weed both energising and calming. It was created by mixing Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. Gorilla Glue is so powerful and balanced that it has achieved several Cannabis Cups and awards for its striking properties. So if you are seeking a powerful weed than Gorilla Glue is the perfect one for you.

Smell and Taste

Similar to its parents, it has a sharp and pleasing aroma of chocolate, coffee and mocha notes that hits your nostrils instantly and consumes the senses within a minute. Its smell is so sharp that it’s hard to get out of its clutches. Parallel to its aroma, Gorilla Glue tastes like chocolate and coffee but also leaves sour punch of diesel flavour in the mouth.


Gorilla Glue is known for its earthy and pungent shapes which is similar to its parent’s strains. Its buds are super-sticky like glue and enhanced with a huge amount of aromatic trichomes.


Gorilla Glue’s effect is deep and long-lasting because it has a high THC level, measuring close to 28%. After inhaling, you’ll instantly feel energised and happy. You will forget your stress and float in some other imaginary world. Then you will sleep for hours like never before. It will help you in forgetting the stress of work. Though, novel smokers should be extra careful as it can have some side effects if not taken properly.

Benefits of Gorilla Glue

Great for sleep, pain and very heavy relaxation

Fights insomnia and depression 

Perfect strain to reduce chronic, widespread pain

Soothes stomach issues like lack of appetite and nausea

Side Effects of Gorilla Glue

Extreme dry mouth and dry eyes

Droopy eyes and blurry vision 

Increased feelings of uneasiness and paranoia 

Not recommended for novice consumers as it leaves different effects on everyone 

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