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Smart carts Miami Haze

smart carts Miami haze. Famous weed Miami Haze has been a big part of the marijuana weed industry from the last decades. Its an uplifting Sativa dominating strain produced from the cross of Blueberry and Haze.


Miami Haze buds have the classic olive green and orange-haired semblance. The buds take a lot of time to grow but the outcome is commendable. Many weeds tried to compete with Miami Haze but couldn’t match its standard. Thus, Miami Haze remained on spot most perfect and beautiful weed.

Smell and Taste

The weed spread the fragrance of spice and citrus with the mix of earthiness in it but in the real sense, its sweet sugary taste and flavours keep the users on the edge.


The weed has a balanced amount of THC in it which estimates around 14%-23%.

Apart from it, the Sativa Dominant is famed for its high cerebral effects that muddle the user’s brain, making it difficult for them to concentrate. Though the euphoric effects induce a sense of creativity. In addition, Miami Haze is used for treating a number of diseases including Migraines, PTSD, lack of appetite, Arthritis.

Benefits of Miami Haze

Uplifting and euphoric effects

Induces a sense of creativity

Good appetizer

Super energetic

Treats anorexia, nausea and stress

Helps in dealing with PTSD

Cures mental diseases like bipolar disorder and depression

Side effects of Miami Haze

Difficulty in focus and concentration

Heavy cerebral effects

Headaches, paranoia

Dry mouth and itchy eyes

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